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Studies you can Participate In

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Studies you can Participate In


Several people have asked me about studies that they can participate in. So here is a list of studies that are entrolling new participants. Listing here just means that I know it exists; it does not imply that I think a study is good or safe or you should participate in it. Being a patient in a clinical trial always involves risk, and requires careful consideration.


The JDRF recently set up a great portal to help you find studies to participate in!


Specific studies recruiting now for recently diagnosed diabetics: ToleRx's DEFEND, Diamyd (US), Diamyd (EU), Andromedia's DiaPep227, Osiris, MacroGenic's Protégé, AbATE, START,

Specific studies recruiting now for established diabetics: Trucco, Bayhill's BHT-3021


Places to look for studies: US FDA List of Clinical Trials (search for "type-1 diabetes" and click on the link that "Hides studies not seeking new volunteers"), ITN (Immune Tolerance Network), UK Study Site, Internationa (WHO) Study Site.


You can also search for studies in some metro areas: Stanford San Francisco Denver.

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